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Cleveland GiveCamp 2019

This year's big volunteer tech event is coming July 19th - 21st in downtown Cleveland on the Lean Dog boat and in the Burke Lakefront Airport. We are proud to have worked on web sites and apps for several charities over the last nine years and look forward to joining our geeky guru friends to help charities again this year for the 1oth anniversary. What is the GiveCamp Mission? The Mission of Cleveland GiveCamp is to pair creative and technology talent with nonprofits in need. What is the Cleveland GiveCamp? GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, database administrators, project managers and creative professionals donate their time to create software and web-based applications for non-profit organizations. The event takes place at the LeanDog Boat (former Hornblowers) and Burke Lakefront Airport on the shores of Lake Erie. Some volunteers actually camp at GiveCamp! The event is entirely volunteer-driven and some of the volunteers take the “camp” part of GiveCamp literally, pitching tents and staying all weekend. Great meals are provided and there are many opportunities to network with professionals from around the region. Overall, it’s a great opportunity for people to work together, develop new friendships, and do something important for the community. There are a variety of projects completed during GiveCamp weekend. The only limitation is that the project should be scoped to be able to be completed in a weekend. All source code must be turned over to the nonprofits at the end of the weekend (developers cannot ask for payment) and the nonprofits are responsible for maintaining the code moving forward. Some of our past projects have included: Data-collection applications to keep track of members or clientsWebsites to communicate with stakeholders and constituentsMobile phone applicationsMobile websites The first Cleveland GiveCamp took place in 2010 with more than 100 volunteers, 21 nonprofits and nearly $250,000 worth of work donated during the course of the weekend. It was the largest first-time GiveCamp in the country and has grown to include more than 200 volunteers, 25 nonprofits and $625,000 in free development work in 2012. Nonprofits Can Apply For Help on Their Project Volunteers Can Sign Up June 1st, 2019

Digital & Print Design

We can help you with any type of design. We can create logos, corporate ID, business cards, stationery, brochures, catalogs, digital/print advertising, book/media covers, digital/print presentations, packaging, signage, point of purchase displays, and literature. We can suggest contemporary ways for you to save money while keeping your company graphics consistent across all media. Your customers should know it is you at just a glance at any of your products or materials.  

What is WordPress?

There are lots of WYSIWYG web editors. So, what is WordPress anyway? WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites. WordPress is capable of creating any style of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. You can even use WordPress to create an online store (using the popular WooCommerce plugin). You say you’ve never built a website? That’s not a problem! With WordPress, you don’t need any coding or design skills to create a professional looking site. There are thousands of free site designs to choose from (these are known as “themes” in the WordPress world). With WordPress, it’s easy to build your website without writing a single line of code or knowing anything about HTML. How To Get WordPress Unlike traditional desktop software, WordPress runs online (in the cloud, so to speak). There’s nothing to install on your computer, and you don’t need any special tools. You can update your website from anywhere that you have an Internet connection – even your smartphone. There are even free WordPress mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones. WordPress is Free Here’s the best part: WordPress is free. It’s both free to use and free to modify. So, if you are the sort of person who likes to tinker with code, you can dig in and make WordPress do just about anything you want it to do. Unlike other “free” website tools, WordPress does not lock you into some proprietary service like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. You can host your website anywhere. Or move your site to another hosting service anytime you like. Two Ways to Use WordPress There are a couple of different ways to host your WordPress website: is the hosted version. That means your website runs on the official WordPress servers. You can go there right now and create a website for free in just a few minutes. There are a few limitations to You won’t have access to all of the thousands of themes that area available. And you can’t use WordPress plugins (those are mini-programs that add special features to your website). There’s also a small fee if you want to use your own domain name. As I said, there’s no lock-in with WordPress. If you decide you like WordPress and want to take full advantage of everything it has to offer, you can easily move your site later. is the self-hosted version. This is what you’ll use if…

Web Sites

If you are in business today you need a terrific website to draw in new customers and maintain the ones you worked so hard to get in the first place. You can now create your own site on one many DIY sites in just a few hours. If you are the person that is happy with adding body filler, sanding, and grabbing a can to spraypaint that dent on your brand new car instead of having a professional body shop do the work then the DIY method may be just right for you. Most business people don't have the time or energy to learn enough to create an effective site, they don't even know what they don't know. We can work with you from the idea stage to layout, design, build, test, secure, and maintain a site that you will be proud of and will get you new customers. Getting a site that is mobile friendly (responsive), well designed, secure, looks great and easy to maintain is not necessarily difficult or expensive. Contact us for a quote.

Digital & Print Design

Every design has its own nuances including element sizes, colors, placements, type styles, and more. This changes depending on the size, use, placement and audience of the design. We will help you with any design, no matter what the usage might be. Often you can use the same design or at least parts of it for many different uses, this may save you money and create consistency across all of your media creating a consistent corporate look or ID.

Photography & Videography

The old adage is true, a picture is worth a thousand words and today a video is worth ten thousand words. Customers are now accustomed to lower quality video, photos, and even copy with the use of user-generated content on the internet. This not only gives you a chance to shine with higher quality but immediately gain their confidence with your quality.

Parallax Scrolling

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Battle of the Builders

Website builders are a perfect solution for individuals and small businesses to start a website without hiring a developer. However, finding the best website builder can be tricky for beginners. There are so many website builders on the market, how do you know which one is the right solution for you? In this article, we’ll help you choose the best website builder by going over the pros and cons of the most popular options. We will be comparing the following website builders in this article. If you are interested in a particular website builder, then just click on the name to skip ahead. Wix Gator by HostGator BigCommerce Shopify Weebly Squarespace GoDaddy Website Builder BoldGrid 1&1 IONOS Website Builder Ucraft Choosing the Best Website Builder — What to Look for? Before comparing the top website builders, we recommend that you write down what you want to do with your website? What are your goals and what features would you like to see on your website. For example, you can write down things like: have a blog section, photo gallery, online store, reservation system, contact form, slider, etc. If you are unsure about what you want, then check out your competitors or other websites for inspiration. Most website builders offer a drag and drop user interface to build your website. You can take advantage of the trial accounts to test drive before you make your final decision. Next, you need to consider your growth options. Will you be adding regular updates to your website? Do you need a blog section? Would you be selling more products on your website in the future? You need to make sure that the website builder you choose is capable of handling your needs as your business grows. That being said, let’s take a look at the top website builder platforms to make your website without hiring a developer. 1. WordPress (also known as self hosted WordPress) is the world’s most popular website building platform. Over 28% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Note: There are two versions of WordPress available. There is self-hosted and We will talk about later in this article. You can also read our vs comparison for more details. The self-hosted WordPress tops our list of best website builder due to its popularity, powerful features, scalability, and ease of use. WordPress is a…