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Digital & Print Design

We can help you with any type of design. We can create logos, corporate ID, business cards, stationery, brochures, catalogs, digital/print advertising, book/media covers, digital/print presentations, packaging, signage, point of purchase displays, and literature. We can suggest contemporary ways for you to save money while keeping your company graphics consistent across all media. Your customers should know it is you at just a glance at any of your products or materials.  

Web Sites

If you are in business today you need a terrific website to draw in new customers and maintain the ones you worked so hard to get in the first place. You can now create your own site on one many DIY sites in just a few hours. If you are the person that is happy with adding body filler, sanding, and grabbing a can to spraypaint that dent on your brand new car instead of having a professional body shop do the work then the DIY method may be just right for you. Most business people don't have the time or energy to learn enough to create an effective site, they don't even know what they don't know. We can work with you from the idea stage to layout, design, build, test, secure, and maintain a site that you will be proud of and will get you new customers. Getting a site that is mobile friendly (responsive), well designed, secure, looks great and easy to maintain is not necessarily difficult or expensive. Contact us for a quote.

Digital & Print Design

Every design has its own nuances including element sizes, colors, placements, type styles, and more. This changes depending on the size, use, placement and audience of the design. We will help you with any design, no matter what the usage might be. Often you can use the same design or at least parts of it for many different uses, this may save you money and create consistency across all of your media creating a consistent corporate look or ID.

Photography & Videography

The old adage is true, a picture is worth a thousand words and today a video is worth ten thousand words. Customers are now accustomed to lower quality video, photos, and even copy with the use of user-generated content on the internet. This not only gives you a chance to shine with higher quality but immediately gain their confidence with your quality.


Great shots make everything look better. Photography can make or break digital and print design. It evokes a feeling, negative or positive. We take high quality, high-resolution photos that are suitable for any size reproduction from a business card to a billboard. You retain the rights to these photos to use at any time in the future. Sometimes lower-cost stock photography can work to create the same effect. We can even retouch to combine or enhance different photos. Need a photo of something that doesn't even exist? We have your back with photo-realistic illustrators that can turn your imagination into reality and even merge it into an existing photo.


Whether you are old-school and want print marketing or you want to go digital we are here to help. We can help you figure out your customer demographics and determine the best way to reach them. You can determine your budget and we can help you set up a marketing plan. We have experience with local and international print marketing in newspapers and magazines. We can help with ad sizes, placement, and metrics. You can also run advertising in local publications, mailers, postcards, and billboards. Often print marketing has online advertising included in the same package. Online and digital marketing includes social media, websites, blogs, digital signage and more. We can help you figure out costs for each and which might be the best solution for you. Sometimes marketing can be something simple but time-consuming that you can do on your own if you wish in order to save money. Other forms may be more complex or you might not have the time to spend on it, that is why we are here.  


We can create almost any illustration,  a line drawing, 2D, 3D, or photo realistic image to depict almost anything. Line drawings come in handy to simply illustrate a concept like that put forth in a patent application. 2D and 3D illustrations can often depict more complex ideas, These can be rotated to show different angles, views, applications or combinations of parts. This can be a great way to increase the impact of your company logo. Photorealistic illustrations can often depict items that don't yet exist like new products or packaging. They can be incorporated into an actual photo for added realism. Trade characters can be created to elevate your company above the competition and generate brand loyalty.

Logos & Corporate ID

The difference between a small or medium size business and a multimedia corporation is often times just consistency. A great corporate identity or ID is uniform across all of their media and throughout the entire business.


Gadgets are great when they work but what do you do when they don't? We're here to help! We can help with computers running Apple or Microsoft operating systems and the peripherals that work with them. Got networking problems? We can step in and help work out the bugs or secure your current network. We can even start from scratch and set up full networks or servers. Need help setting up digital walls, security systems, video surveillance or other technology? We will come to your site and help with any technology from mobile phone setup to set up an entire server.